Saturday, June 27, 2009

I leave in less than 36 hours and have run through the gamut of emotions about the whole thing. Much thanks to Jackie Lorens and Will Irvin for calming me a bit; I am finally in a place of excitement with a healthy dose of hesitancy.

Roxie is currently at a big ol' fancy residential education conference in Baltimore, and I am sooo proud of her! It does mean I am in Colombia for a full three and half days without her, but I think I'll manage.

Anyway, not much to say now, except welcome, and thanks for taking the time to check in on us. We really do hope to share our experiences as they're happening becuase without all of you guys and your constant support, we are very aware that this trip would not be possible. So check back in on us in the coming weeks, and keep in touch through comments, maybe? Not really sure how this whole blog thing works.

Anyway, wishing you happy weekend!



  1. I can't believe you're actually on the plane, Katie. Look forward to following your blog. Lots of love! Mom

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