Sunday, July 12, 2009

Guatavita, Car Rides, and Vegetarians

All three of the things found in the title of this blog are terrifying in this country.

Car Rides.
(Parentals please skip ahead to the next section. I promise you I´m not in danger but you´ll freak out nonetheless.) 5 people + one car + being caravaned by another car + windy roads that rival Siverlake + potholes that rival the south side of Chicago + speed bumps as bad as the ones on Fern Dell + drivers who cannot as easily manuever said potholes likeMK or speedbumps like my family + sing alongs to music Katie and I do not know the words too = terrifying on the way to Guatavita and makes it hard to sleep on the way back.

Well. Our goal was to make it to Guatavita but thanks to Carlos, husband to a woman who works here, who wanted Katie and I to have and memorize every important aspect of Colombia, insisted we take a 3 hour detour to hike up to a lagun. BTW It rained the entire time.
Finally making it to Guatavita was great. Cute pueblocitas or CASITAS (ehem hollllla!) as they are know, dot the hills leading to Guatavita which consists of cobblestoned streets and vendors along with similarly looking white houses with terracotta roofs.
It took us 4 hours to get home because the policia narrowed the road to one lane for god knows why. JOY. (Keep in mind here the driving portion of this post)

Dont tell anyone in Colombia you are vegetarian. They do not know what to do with you.

Katie and I are going to see HARRY POTTER this week!!!!!!!!! And you all thought we´d have to wait till we got home. PSH.

Katie and I also booked flights to Cartagena!!! We´re going to the Carribean ladies and gents!
(Note: due to said purchase souvenirs may or may not happen as the amount of money spent on airfare for chicago, colombia, and baltimore have vastly depleted any sort of money I once thought I had. lo siento)

<3 Roxie and Katie


  1. I too can manuever pot holes just not when im traveling over fifty miles per hour. Clearly, NOT my fault!

  2. Now you know...tell parental units to skip ahead means we will do just the opposite. Just sayin'... Hugs to you both--Ju