Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Monkey Brains

For those of you who don't know, I read exceptionally fast. That being said, I read a book last night. This book was a gift from my friend Cindy who went to China with me. I knew it was about traveling and basically some sort of travel journal but I didn't realize HOW amazing it was. It took me all of three hours and by the time I was done I could not go to sleep (though that might have been the coffee with dinner) and Katie and I talked for about four more hours about traveling. Basically.... I am in love with traveling and going places and don't really ever want to stop.

Also because I read so fast, reading HP in Spanish is KILLING me as I have to stop at least once a page to look something up and I really have to analyze everyword. Ive been here for two weeks and HP is just now arriving at the World Cup.

I don't know how I've been here for two weeks. Neither does Katie and she's been here 3. I feel like I haven't done anything. But then I go back to journal and I'm like NO WONDER we're exausted!!! The experience is super educational and Katie and I are going to attempt to score some class credit come fall because neither of us are really done looking into the displacement and politics here. Everyday we learn some new formof red tape surrounding these people. For Example:
Every Colombian must serve either 1 or 2 years in the military. You cannot get a job until you've done this. Well, people who live en los campos maintain all of their own work and lifestyle so they've generally not done or needed to do this to get work. But then when they're displaced and arrive in Bogota or other large cities, they can't get jobs because they haven't done their military term. You can buy out of this term, but they're displaced and have no money. The government and humanitarian aid organizations try their best to aid in finding jobs. But this is all a catch 22 to me.

Will told me to try this fruit. I hadn't yet because Katie didn't like it. But Will said "no try it! It looks like monkey brians!" Well tonight at dinner they had said monkey brain fruit. So I tried it. And it did look so much like monkey brains that I couldn't finish it because it was like eating sweet monkey brains with a crunch. Thanks Will for that visual. Way to ruin my dessert.

Katie and I have less than a week here at CAMIG. It seems unreal that we leave so soon. We're excited to get to Cartagena... but we feel like we just got here, just got the swing of things.

What a summer this has been.... very overwhelming all around, but loving every moment of it!!


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