Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Weekend

Basically when people here give you plans for the day that are outside of the usual workday flow, you should plan on not actually doing said plans but something different. Example 1: telling us we were going to fiestas and instead ending up at two masses. Example 2: telling us we're leaving at 11:00am today for lunch with Umpara (a woman who works here at CAMIG) at her house where she will then give us manicure/pedicures and instead end up leaving at 3:00 eating 7+ empanads while watching a really good Spanish movie cuddled all in bed together and then leaving before 7:00 sans manicures but full of fried dough.

We've played with two little Peruvian boys all weekend who were staying here with their family enroute back to Peru from Venezuela due to the violence in Venezuela. 5 year old Manuel had clear little brother / only child syndrom and thus was a handful, but his 10 year old cousin Renato was hilarious. Overall they were some fun company during lunch and after, teaching us made up card games.

Each day gets more and more comfortable here... the Hermanas are fabulous and Leda particularly is hysterical. We watch the news EVERY night during dinner and anything super noteworthy is cause for a cease in coversation or prayer so everyone can gasp and gossip about what's happening. After dinner is the 8:30 Brazillian soap set in India that they watch religiously. Its pretty intense but in Portugese so Katie and I only try and guess whats going on.

Only three more days of atencion and work here. Sad times. The office we go on the internet in has literally hundreds of documents of displaced peoples that have come through here. Its crazy to think we've heard first hand some of these stories but crazy in a different way that those we've heard barely touch the tip of the iceberg. I can't help but wonder if after literally 40+ years of displacement how in the world anything can acutally be solved or rectified.

<3 Roxie and Katie

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  1. Wow...That seems very intense with a splash of joy...Are you going to bring back any of those card games?lol